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Always Free Shipping | Same Day Shipping if order is placed before 11am EST

Gift for dad from daughter | Fisherman Gift | 5.5" Electronic Fishing Lure | Custom Fishing Lure | Fishing Gift For Man | Bass Fishing

Gift Box Design
Helping you knab the catch you can brag about for years to come, our robotic lure will have both you and the fish completely tantalized. Featuring a propeller that is programmed to mimic a real fish's movements, this technology attracts larger species and helps you use less bait.
We're no stranger to knowing that fishing is a little bit of skill, luck, and the gear you use. The same wisdom goes for gift-giving. Luckily our electronic lure comes pre-packaged in a gift box perfect for your occasion.

- Fully Automatic Swimming Process Once Your Lure Hits Water
- USB Charging
- 1-2 Hour Battery Life
- Weight: 1.90oz -54Gram
- Perfect Gift For Fisherman